From the recording 'Stark Naked'

Alternate version to that on 'Testing Times'


Another sleepless night
Out here on the edge of things
Another trip out West
On the World Wide Web

Another virtual tour
A taste of the shape of things
Another hitch back east
And the line’s gone dead

Click on the icon
What did you say?
Click on the icon
Download love today

The local traffic’s slow
This side of the Milky Way
Right now the server’s down
Or the firewall’s up

I scan the database
Log in and log off again
Re-route, refresh, debug
But the screen just froze

Click on the icon…

E-mail the universe
Delete an item type
Practice a party piece
And return back home

Update your final draft
Release a parting shot
Refresh your memory
Upgrade your life

Click on the icon…

music & lyrics © El Mick 2008

NB. This is an earlier version of the song from Testing Times and the video clip at YouTube with alternate lyrics and piano & vocal only.