From the recording LA RUTA - GOOD FEELING

Lyrics written after the experience of being surrounded by forest fires in La Floresta, Barcelona in the early 1990s.


The forest is burning
Right here in La Floresta
Choppers are flying
Right overhead, right now
Sirens are whining
Sounding their warning
Flash fires on the hillside
Since late in the morning

Up here on the rooftop
I can see the black smoke blown
A cruel wind that's feeding
The flames growing higher
And it's up in the nineties
With no sign of rain yet
If the wind changes
This place is a fire trap

Somebody took a rabbit
And a cloth soaked in gasoline
They tied it to the tail
Put a match to the cruel fuse
The rabbit runs through the forest
Through the dry leaves and brushwood
Kindling for the fire
If only it would rain soon

lyric: mick sumbling
music: j. casas
performed by: LA RUTA